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Professional cavitation body slimming machine 
Model Number: CS20
Function: body slimming, Double chin removal, Fat freeze fat reducing, Body Shaping: tighten the loose-skin of arm, waist, abdomen, and leg and pregnancy line.Soften hard fat tissue, break up lipocyte
Origin: China

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How it works?:

1. M80 Ultrasound Explode Fat Head

Applies the cavitation theory, uses the 40KHz~1MHz ultrasound to make intense vibration, which causes a inner explosion in the fat tissues thus get rid of adipocyte. It can effectively break down stubborn and deep fat, decrease fat cells quantity and its size. The warm and vacuum suction can promote adipocyte and tissues liquid flow, which help drainage of fatty acid, help toxin through lymph system. The vacuum function will promote liquid flow of adipocyte and fat tissues, then speed up excretion of toxins and garbage in body, achieve effect of fat elimination, slimming, skin tightening and enhancing muscle flexibility.

2. M50 Ultrasound Explode Fat Head

Use 0.8MHz strong ultrasound, can penetrate deep skin, to dissolve subcutaneous fat. One million times per second high-speed vibration make the cells molecule to attrite intensely inside, thus decrease fat, decompose adipocyte, aim at cellulite and honeycomb inflammation. To improve skin status, tighten flab muscle, increase skin elasticity. Thermal effect can accelerate cells metabolism, promote blood circulation and lymph. Against the fat and cellulite.

3. 4X Ultrasound Paddles

The energy produced by 1 million times per second ultrasonic vibration, will be absorbed by fat tissue and converted into heat, which can accelerate liquid flow and to break up large fat molecules, effectively decompose fat, decrease cellulite. For fat accumulated parts (such as: the abdomen, buttocks, thigh).

4. Vacuum & Strong Sound Wave Explode Fat Head

Uses vacuum and 1MHz ultrasound, the perfect combination to deep dissolve fat, break fat, de-toxin, tighten and shaping, do massage in different depth on the fatty parts. It can break up the fat, decrease cellulite accumulation, smooth lymph and discharges the fatty acid and toxin that is decomposed through lymph system. Has immediate effect in body shaping.

Dima Slimming design is fully comply with European electrical safety standards, absolutely safe to human body, the built-in anti-electromagnetic interference devices, can effectively protect against electrical and magnetic interference, maintain the current stability, to ensure the treatment effective and stable.



1. Cellulite reduction, deep fat reduction

2. Body slimming, body shape, body contouring

3. Lose weight, keep fit

4. Metabolism improvement and acceleration

5. Massage

6. Skin lift and skin tightening, wrinkle removal

7. Work on the whole body: legs, thigh, buttock, waist, belly, arms & underarms, neck, double-chin.



Machine show:

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