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C02 fractional laser machine 
Model Number: ES100B
Function: Skin rejuvenation resurfacing, acne scar removal, Pigment Wrinkle removal, stretch mark removal, vaginal tightening treatment, cutting
Origin: China

Working Principle

Fractional laser is a revolutionary progress based on fractional photothermolysis theory and shows the unique advantages in a short time. Small beam array produced by fractional laser applied to the skin, after that, the form multiple 3-D cylindrical structure of small thermal damage zone, called micro treatment area (microscopic treatment zones, MTZ) of 50 ~ 150 microns in diameter, as deep as 500 to 500 microns. Different with lamellar thermal damage caused by traditional peeling laser, around every MTZ there is normal tissue not damaged cutin cell can crawl quickly, make MTZ heal quickly, without day off, without peeling treatment risks.

The machine adopts CO2 laser technology and precise control technology of galvanometer scanning, using CO2 laser heat penetration effect, under the guide of accurate scanning galvanometer, formed with uniform lattice minimally smaller holes diameter of 0.12mm, Under the effect of laser energy and heat, the skin wrinkles or scar organization is instantaneous evenly distributed vaporization and formed in a micro-heating zone center on minimally invasive hole, to stimulate the skin compound of new collagen tissue, and then start the tissue repair, collagen rearrangement etc.


1) Skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing                            2) Acne and acne scar treatment

3) Pigment removal and whitening                                 4) Wrinkle removal, smooth treatment

5) Laser cutting on cosmetic surgery                              6) Urinary incontinence

7) Dryness                                                                            8) Labia color change

9) Vaginal tightening, enhance vaginal muscle strength and elasticity.           

10) Wart removal                                                              11) stretch marks recover





Machine show:


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