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808nm diode laser hair removal machine
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808nm diode laser hair removal machine 
Model Number: LD680
Function: Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, tatoo removal, pigment removal, vascular removal
Origin: Beijing, China

808nm Diode Laser is the mostprofessional technology to remove unwanted hair. It is suitable for all kindsof skin and hair, can be used on whole body, such as legs, arm, lipsaround,beard, armpit, chest, bikini area.

755nmDiode Laser

Speciallydesigned for removing tiny, soft hair; and blond or white hair.

808nmDiode Laser

Bestsolution for hair removal treatment.

1064nmDiode Laser

1064nmDiode Laser is more professional for dark skin hair removal.

Ndyag laser

Ndyaglaser : all colors tattoo removal, skin tightening

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